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    Wujiang city shun tak suye co., LTD., is the latest development of popular new packaging materials in China,Mainly used for the liquid、Paste products such as packaging,Widely used in cosmetic、Medicine、Food、Light industry and other fields。
    Wujiang suye co., LTD. Is located in the faith318National road side,“LiuYaZi”The former residence--Wujiang is LiLi Town near Shanghai economic development zone。To introduce two latest international company production lines,At the same time equipped with professional and technical personnel,Adopt strict quality management system,Pipe has been formed、Printing、Sealing、Hot stamping process such as one-stop production enterprises。Product specification is complete,Tube diameterф19、ф25、ф30、ф35、ф40、ф50mm,Length50mm-200mmRange。
   The company production of plastic hose after the light industry identified as“Non-toxic、Tasteless”Products。The outer wall of pipe with new plastic film protection,Increase the air tightness of hose and photometric appearance,Make the product more bright is dazzing。The complete product equipment,High quality products of the company has been the best-selling domestic provinces。

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Flexible packaging prepress design considerations
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The development of plastic pipes in China
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